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Legal Disclaimer

A. Markets can be volatile and prices of unpredictable commodities can fluctuate according to unforeseen political or economic events abroad, which cannot be predicted or reasonably foreseen.

B. Energy, Precious Metals, Foreign Currency and other commodities trade fluctuations in these markets is subject to small and large price fluctuations. There are many factors that influence trade in the markets including, but not limited to, economic and political events, government intervention or lack of, the actions of speculators and the climate.

C. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The risk of loss when speculating on the options is large, regardless of how current prices compared to past market prices of those options.

D. Speculation in options is not suitable for all investors. Some studies have shown that more than 80% of small investors who trade with options ultimately lose money. Only investors who appreciate and understand the risks involved and the nature of trading options should invest. Additional funds added to your account should be discretionary capital reserved strictly for speculative purposes. All funds used for this type of speculation should only be disposable income, so a loss of part or all of this money will not affect your lifestyle.

E. An option is a very complex commercial vehicle that involves substantial risks not inherent in the negotiation of the underlying asset. For example, options lose value over time (disintegration time); They are also generally not fully sensitive to changes in the price of the underlying asset (delta). Profitability option depends substantially on the exercise (strike) price of the option. An option with an exercise price that is very out-of-money is less likely to be profitable. You should familiarize yourself with specific and systematic risks, terminology, and long and short operation, call and put options before investing money. The placement of stop-loss orders, which are intended to limit the amount of loss, may not be effective because market conditions may make it impossible to execute those orders. Strategies for using differentials and / or horse may be as risky as long and short positions. It may be difficult or impossible to execute orders and offset or settle open market positions due to the liquidity of the market and / or operations.


Operating in commodity markets carries a high degree of risk and may not be financially viable for the entire public. There can be no guarantees of future earnings. This website does not constitute a request or offer of any kind. You should consult with your financial advisor before beginning any operation.

Crayford Advisors only provides advisory services on international markets research & analysis, industry research studies, global economic forecasts and risk forecasts.  If the person or entity decides to invest after having all of the intelligence that we provide, this will be done at their own knowledge and risk with whomever they decide to work their funds with.


Therefore Crayford is not liable for the decisions made by the client due to the intelligence provided for which they paid.

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